Shipping Information

Pygn works directly with manufacturers & makers to curate a selection of reduced impact products. Since our manufacturers are happy to send orders direct to our customers we do not have to pay huge costs for inventory, rent, storage or wages that a big store has to cover. This means we can offer competitive pricing on many of our items. However, we cannot always control how our manufacturers package items, therefore some items may be received in packaging which is not zero waste or eco-conscious. We ask that customers take appropriate steps to reuse, recycle, or repurpose such packaging materials.

Our manufacturers are global, from USA, to China, Europe, meaning shipping and delivery times can vary. Our further afield manufacturers ask us to allow approximately 17 days to process, pack, and deliver their items however we have experienced a much quicker service often receiving items within 7-10 days.

Our makers are usually domestic to the USA, and their items will ship separately with 1-3 business days. Pygn will combine as many items as possible to reduce shipping costs and packaging. These items will be hand-packed in reused or recyclable packing materials.